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Sustainability as a Service

Does it seem like many big transformations are happening all at once? Many of the ways we have been doing things for decades or even centuries are now coming to an end. We have new understanding and new ways to understand. We are catching a glimpse of what human culture can look like in a thriving future where sustainability and abundance are everyone’s experience.

So, an inflection point is when an idea, a company, a project, or a team goes from a state of “everything is going along ok” to “Whoa! This is awesome!” Sustainability as a Service creates that experience for every client. GreenSource works with you to close the gaps, shifting your company and, by your presence, our world into a greater state of sustained prosperity.

Underlying all of this is a determination to help you do something exceptionally positive and inspiring and a commitment to producing the results you want to see. GreenSource offers a variety of services across an array of business specialties serving entrepreneurs and companies aligned with this idea.

GreenSource provides professional, quality services and places a high value on integrity and commitments because we know this is the way to deliver the smooth-running project and effective results we and our clients want.

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Ray Andersen changed everything at his industry-leading carpet company to “climb Mount Sustainability”. He recognized that every roll of carpet that went out of his factory represented a roll of carpet in a landfill. That had to change. Interface Carpets changed. They began manufacturing carpet tiles and provided a service to lease and then replace carpet as it wears out, taking the “waste” back in and recycling it, transforming it back into new carpet again.

Sure there are big problems, but in my view there are breakthroughs increasingly guiding us that are leading us into a very exciting and sustainable world.

As we transform we will encounter inflection points. These are shifts of paradigm. A status quo or a gradual growth phase often comes to an end when something else comes about to make it obsolete. But sometimes things take off! Sometimes we see sudden new ways of doing things. We open new, much larger markets with fairly small, simple transformations to a product or service. The auto industry is going through one now, and it is taking about 10-20 years to move through. The solar energy industry is also in the middle of a transformation. An inflection point will occur to make solar energy as common as anything with a horizontal surface. We are not yet there by a long shot. That’s the opportunity.

A San Diego Business Corridor Lacking PV, Except For GreenSource Project

Pick any commercial area of any city in the US and you will see a very small percentage of PV-covered roofs. Opportunities abound! These roofs will be covered! It’s easy to say, but the more important question is, “How will that happen?” What are the ways this inflection point will be navigated or brought about to flood the city with endless renewable energy? What will it take?

Cost of Photovoltaic Solar Power Plummeting

While this chart depicts grid-scale power plants, it provides a strong clue about the cost of residential, commercial, and government building PV installations.

Areas of Expertise

We excel where it counts.


We get your vision.  Understanding the complete picture and purpose of your project is key to your success and ours.


Careful and thorough planning & regular reviews of the plan, KPIs, execution effectiveness and efficiency are essential.


We can then determine whether all the resources are there to execute the project.  We can provide the key resources to that make everything happen.


Once everyone is on the same page, we execute.  We can facilitate all or any part of your process.  Completion is the key.


To advance sustainability, our customers must overcome challenges and get what they want.  We make sure that happens.