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I operate as an independent consultant and entrepreneur. I work with companies I feel have a uniquely powerful role to play in bringing about a sustainable world. I think this is the most fun a person can have! It is a way of aligning with the forces of nature, in essence making more available a more fulfilling, more successful world for everyone.

Remembering Ray Andersen, Sustainability Convert & Champion

Have a look at this inspiring video.  Ray Andersen was the CEO of Interface Carpets, the largest carpet manufacturer in the world.  It's worth a few minutes to hear his powerful analogies and the challenges he and his team faced and overcame while climbing "mount Sustainability".  He starts one of his many talks delivered

Thank You For Your Bobservations!

Bob Nanninga gave us much insight and inspiration.  It might have been tough to hear at times (for some) but the way things have played out—well, you be the judge. This was posted on about 20 years ago.

New iOS Not Amazing!

New iOS.  Lock Screen.  Notifications.  Not cool. I did the iOS 10 update a few weeks ago and it caused me to reflect. I got a used Powerbook G4 about 10 years ago because I was so tired of my Windows experience.  I had been in engineering school and in the industry for years using

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Additional Information about Prop 65

May 19, 2012/in Notices /by nutraceuticalMany California residents are familiar with a law known as Proposition 65, also known as the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 or Prop 65. This law mandates that warnings be given to consumers in various circumstances. California residents see these warnings nearly everywhere — at gas stations, in parking

Warning: drinking bottled water could make you fat!

Although the jury is still out on BPA’s ability to cause weight gain in humans, I think the consequences of obesity and the diseases it’s linked to far outweigh the “convenience” of drinking out of plastic water bottles. Of course there are several other reasons not to use plastic water bottles, including the waste they