GreenSource Energy

GreenSource strives to bring more practical and elegant sustainable solutions into the developed and developing world.  This includes solar power, wind power, energy efficiency, demand management, energy storage, and utility tariff analysis.  We work with clients to identify the most cost effective and exciting alternatives available.  The payback period on our solutions is often either immediate or fairly short term.

Sometimes a zero up-front cost solution is the best option.  Sometimes an investment should be made in order to realize the greatest benefit in the long run.

While sustainability seems to be a great pursuit making us feel good about what we are doing, true benefits must be measured in cash or use value.  Sustainability is an optimization; an improvement over flagrantly wasteful practices of the past.  We discover opportunities for sometimes dramatic improvements and, when implemented, realize monetary gains to the user.
We can work for you and bring you what we think are the best options for your building.  We have already done a lot of the up-front work in choosing the options we have available.  When shopping for improvements for your home or business, you will probably want to get more than one bid and you will certainly get biased opinions from each vendor.  This is where we come in.  We evaluate and help you understand proposals provided by vendors.  We evaluate your facility and design a solution or solutions for you.  You will get a knowledgable viewpoint & assessment of your situation, an objective opinion on a solution including advice on which products to install.  You will save money and get a better product if you hire us to get this project handled quickly.  We work with quality vendors to provide key products & services that cover aspects of a smart, integrated sustainable energy approach.

Who Is GreenSource

We have a company mission when it comes to energy and efficiency. It is to promote, demonstrate and advance sustainable energy in every market and in every application we can.
It has never been easier to employ sustainable design technology anywhere in the world. We feel that better information dissemination, market transparency, and the repeated demonstration of obvious benefit will provide the biggest push toward a sustainable future for us and for our children. We want to make the biggest impact we can, and when it comes to the ubiquitous consumption of energy in society, technology deployment — and the awareness of that deployment — are how we do it.
We will provide outstanding service. We will pay attention to your needs, your concerns, the vast array of available solutions, and will craft an integrated service customized for your particular situation. We will do this efficiently, on a time schedule, with value-based pricing that will cost you far less than the benefit it provides.
Because we use a systematic approach to creating an integrated solution for you, we are efficient, all parties know what will be delivered and when, and the process can be easily reproduced and referred to other potential customers. We benefit tremendously from–and we help our customers benefit from–referrals to other customers.

Our Skills

Assessment 100
Analysis 100
Recommendation 100
Implementation 100