It’s worth taking a look at whether Al Gore has been onto something or he is pursuing some some sort of personal agenda. There’s no shortage of people out there who will say the only reason climate scientists (and politicians like Al Gore) who promote the idea that the globe is warming because of human activities are doing so for money, to save their jobs, or for some sort of ego trip. I do wonder if any of these skeptics have done anything simply for the sake of sharing a truth. For some reason, they think there is no way these people are reporting what they’re reporting just for the sake of reporting their findings.

Photo by USGS on Unsplash

You might say “Wait! They don’t actually THINK that, do they? Perhaps they have an agenda and they are not telling the truth about what they believe! Go figure! That would explain everything!”

I think this sort of skepticism says more about the skeptic and what kind of world they perceive than the people they are evaluating. I can’t imagine fabricating in-depth reports and scientific information just to make myself look good or make money. But apparently there are many out there who do this. I hope everybody continues to learn–both about motivations of critics or supporters and about what’s actually happening.

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