Project Description

To advocate for sustainability we often also must advocate for ethical and just business practices.  The reputation of green technology as a trustworthy and good-spirited business avenue for investors is important to us.  Advocating for shareholders & investors that invest in sustainability is a part of our mission.

To benefit investors, we acquired a controlling interest in public company GS Enviroservices, completed audited & reviewed financial statements, and provided hundreds of shareholders with the benefit of additional holdings.  Many purchased shares at $0.01 and received duplicate shares in the new acquisition at a rate of 1:1 with their holdings in our previous company.  The stock, now selling at $0.015, is 50% above the price they paid and gives them many times the value in stock than they originally paid for.

This has been a successful program that is still underway.  We work with shareholders to obtain a more liquid position in addition to adding value to their holdings.  We help them with the mechanics of depositing their stock as well as improving their understanding of markets and business combinations in general.

Our founder, Tad Simmons, was CEO of Global 8 Environmental Technologies Inc. when the company launched a shareholder advocacy campaign to block an apparent loss of tens of millions of shareholder dollars through back doors controlled by a single corrupt individual consultant to the company.  The acquisition of GS Enviroservices and an opportunity to own shares in another company, New Global Energy, were some of the opportunities we provided in an effort to improve the financial position of the people that were negatively impacted.  Our activities demonstrate integrity and a commitment to justice for all parties.  Shareholders should be aware of what they are investing in and they should be encouraged to take action as a group to set things right when corrupt or misleading individuals get in the way of operating a healthy business.

We often will support activities that bring justice to a situation, thereby restoring integrity to green technology and sustainability in industry.  We strive to improve the general public’s faith in the business and the leadership that drives it.