Project Description

I’m on a mission to get everyone access to a garden. There are plots of land, community gardens, shared community spaces, and your own back yard. Whatever we can find you and turn into a place for you to grow food, that’s what we want to do.

Here’s a great place to learn about growing food organically. You need healthy soil, sunlight, and some powerful pest deterrents that are purely natural, organic, and not harmful to you, the soil, or the plants. Have a look at the course and learn a lot!

Local Harvest

Growing food is so much more valuable than just the money you save by doing it. Yes, that is significant. You an save hundreds of dollars per month by simply growing enough for your own or your family’s needs. But the value goes way up when you experience growing what you eat, when you “do the work” to nurture your chosen favorites and watch them grow. You will get a spiritual energy, a kinship with nature — that you otherwise just don’t experience.

We have someone near you that will be your Garden Advisor. We are helping cities and neighborhoods establish more gardens. We are helping people just like you to find a place nearby to find enough soil to, as a hobby or recreational activity, grow enough to significantly increase your nutritional support, help you and your family feel better, do better at work and school, and involve the whole family in the amazing experience of horticulture.

You really have to try it to know it. For me personally and for others I’ve helped to get started, it’s one of the best, most enriching habits we have created in our lives. You’ll believe it when you see it.

Get involved in personal and community gardens, grow your own, and thrive!