It’s been a fascinating time. We’ve come upon what we think has been a mold inundation in our household. We became intensely itchy whenever we were in the place. We began filtering the air and it helped, but the damage was done. Our clothes, the carpets, the furniture, the books – everything was contaminated seemingly through and through. We would find our clothes to be itchy when we put them on if they had not immediately been washed before putting them on. We would find our sheets unbearably itchy and would have to wash them before we could go to bed. The story goes on and on along the environmental discomfort lines, but right now let’s focus on the health impacts.

We have been tracking my experience and my Aunt Kathy’s experience throughout this. Kathy has had a lot of attempts ad dealing with doctors, symptoms, treatments, food changes, and anything that could help with her difficult–and much more severe–symptoms. To understand what has been going on as reported by Kathy, and as I’ve discovered the various consequences through human physiology, I found so much had to be kept in my head I could no longer talk about it in short bites. In an attempt to understand the situation better myself, and to be understood at all by doctors and others, I created this Sankey diagram. It is a flow, in this case, from cause to effect, cause to effect, through the body from initial impact to subsequent health impacts and symptoms.

Your Diagram TitleAldehyde → Head Pressure:

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