Project Description

Project Brief

San Diego Loves Green started with a wish by founder Dawn Parker-Waites to bring more green of all types to more people around the city.  She did the hard work of setting up the directory, getting the contacts & sponsors for an early version of the site, and promoting it at earth day and every day.  She is a great proponent for green and sustainability in San Diego and anywhere she goes.

The Challenge

How do we take a collection of businesses, a small following, and a concept for regional green reporting and turn it into an essential resource for understanding what is happening in the local area?  This would require a complete website redesign, identification of an editor, lots of writers, lots of important stories to be told.  It would involve a marketing effort incorporating social media, the Earth Fair, and calls to advertisers.  Finally, it would a new model and method for generating sustaining revenue.

The Solution

We took on the project of redesigning the site and generating content.  With the extraordinary energy of our editor Roy Hales, we accomplished both.  Roy’s management of content was exceptionally strong and we have added hundreds of stories to the site.  The new design, imagery, and content create a great platform for those wanting to promote their business in the directory, and a great source for information about sustainability in the area.

Green Industry News