Project Description

Shareholder Advocacy, Transactions, Filings, Shareholder Meeting, Investor Relations, Press Releases

Running & growing a public company often requires much more administrative effort than one would expect.  This effort can be turned to the positive if set up properly from the start.  Being on the public markets creates a variety of opportunities within networks.  These opportunities can be maintained if management, filings, and good PR are always current and active.

Most technology companies just want to build their products and unfortunately think that when they build it, the world will come clamoring for the result.  What’s great is that generating a conversation around your product, your company, your personalities within the company, and your market insights can bring recognition and enormous growth to your products and services.

Contact us for ideas relating to public companies, branding, public relations, market research & strategy development.  Your sustainability product or service needs to get out there in a big way, and we’re here to help!